How to achieve a rustic look in your home.



THE RUSTIC LOOK can be achieved in many different ways.  Textiles are very important, strong colours such as orange or red combine well with rustic furniture and ethnic fabrics are particularly useful for creating an interior which is inviting and exciting to live in.  

Furniture which fits in to this rustic look comes in various price ranges.  The most basic comes in kit form and is imported into Europe, although it is assembled with screws  it is made of solid wood and its dark colour looks well with ethnic rugs and fabrics.  For a rustic look on a budget it works perfectly and if you don't wish to assemble it yourself we can do so for an extra charge.



If you'd prefer furniture of a better quality, one of the best options is to buy unvarnished rustic furniture, made in Andalucía principally of solid wood, and wax or varnish it yourselves.  This furniture also comes up well with an 'aged' spray varnish which has the added advantages of protecting the piece from water damage and being easy to clean.  We offer this custom varnishing service and sample colours are available in the shops.  It is also possible to varnish to a sample, although this is not guaranteed to come out exactly the same as the original.  It's normally pretty close, though.  Ask to see the catalogues of furniture in the white when you drop into the shop. (ask for "catalogo de muebles en crudo")

Spain has a special relationship with Mexico and there is a lot of trade between the two countries.  Mexican furniture from catalogues is usually of good quality and often has inlaid tiles or marble which add to the beauty of the piece.

Here is an example of a living room furnished with Mexican furniture which has inlaid ceramic tiles.  Note the strong colour of the walls which really set off the furniture.