How to decide which type of garden furniture is best for your particular circumstances.


GARDEN FURNITURE  - We have a large selection of garden furniture. Apart from our permanent exhibition (yes, we sell it in the winter as well!), during the summer we have a weekly delivery service for items in catalogue.  At the beginning of the season we tend to have some very good offers, which we glean from our buying trips during the winter.  These are usually one-off's.

New for 2016 we have a collection of folding aluminium chairs and sunloungers of excellent quality from manufacturers CrespoThey are beautifully made with aluminium frames, they fold to the minimum size and are easy to carry.  Each model is tested to its recommended maximum weight; the largest armchair is tested to 200kg and has 6 reclining positions. 


The folding sunloungers are available in three colours with lightweight aluminium frames and the strongest is tested to 140kg.  There are optional clip-on sunshades and headrests and they fold to the minimum possible thickness.



Crespo also make 4 models of zero gravity chairs.  Highly comfortable and lockable in any position they would be ideal chairs for the practice of reflexology and is also perfect for anyone who likes or needs to put their feet up. 


All Crespo products have up to 3 years guarantee (registering on their web page) and spare parts are available for all models.  They also do folding camping wardrobes and cupboards, and camp kitchens.



Here we have a garden set in aluminium and textilene which costs 395€ in 2012.  Aluminium is particularly apt for exteriors for its qualities of lightness, strength and anticorrosion. ,and combined with textilene it is comfortable, lightweight and practical.  Although it is possible to add cushions for extra comfort  this is not necessary, and without cushions you can sit down straight out of the pool.  Cleaning is easy, just wash with soap and water and dry in the sun or with a soft cloth.


 Huitex or Polycane is very strong and decorative, resistent to UV rays and waterproof.  It looks like natural fibre without the attendent problems.  Depending on the look you wish to achieve, it can be combined with aluminium to give a more modern look, or with wrought iron for a rustic ambience.  Seats woven with Huitex are as comfortable as textilene, but if you prefer you can add cushions.

 Here is a table made from wrought iron with a mosaic top, combined with Huitex chairs on an aluminium frame.  The set of table and 4 chairs costs 550€ in 2012, and the chair alone is 75€ without the cushion.  Changing the cushion colour can change the look completely,  a cream cushion is classic, strongly coloured cushions are more modern.  We have chairs in Huitex and aluminium from 29€

There is a huge variety of furniture in Huitex catering for every taste, from bars to pergolas, tables,  chairs, sofas 


If you prefer a rustic look one good alternative is wrought iron.  We have tables in wrought iron and glass, wrought iron and mosaic, and other materials light and strong proof against children and animals.  This very good quality set costs 1095€ in 2012.


During the summer one is always looking for a shady spot to rest or eat in comfort.  We always have a selection of shades in stock, ranging from fixed or folding pergolas, parasols of different colours and sizes, to roofs for barbecues.




 At the other extreme we have simple parasols in many colours and sizes; these are easier to move around and remove if it's very windy.  The ones in the photo are made in 250cm and 300cm diameter with an aluminium frame and cost 59€ and 69€ respectively.  They need some kind of support, and the windier the area the stronger and heavier the base needs to be.


On the other hand, when sunbathing, the sunbed needs to be sufficiently strong and comfortable  to be able to use it for hours at a time.  We stock sunbeds in plastic resin, aluminium and textilene, huitex, with cushions and without cushions.  Sunbeds made from Huitex or textilene are very practical for sunbathing straight out of the pool as they don't need cushions.  If a slightly more comfortable feel is desired, just throw a beachtowel over the sunbed.