This is the website of Alberto Mobiliario, a furniture shop in Dúrcal  at the foot of Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain. 

Welcome  to the website of Alberto Mobiliario.  We decided to create this site when we realised that people needed detailed information about  furniture in Spain.  While the site was created principally as a service to our customers, much of the information contained within it is applicable to any furniture store in Spain.  The site has been created in English and Spanish, but the content is not the same in both languages as obviously Spanish and non-Spanish customers don't need the same information.  We hope that you will find the site useful, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas about subjects we could cover or if you need any clarification.

From here you can navigate all through the English content of the site.  I have put in a vocabulary page for those of you who are considering buying furniture and are brave enough to do it in Spanish.  And look out for the super-detailed beds page, which we have identified as the greatest need because beds are so different in Spain.  Then there'll be an introduction to our staff, and maybe photos if we can persuade them to pose. We have a whole page on unvarnished furniture, with some tips on how to varnish or wax it yourself. We'll be constantly improving and adding to the site so we hope you will bear with us while certain areas are in construction. Our latest offers are here in a PDF document

All of our staff speak at least some English, and some of them speak it very well.  Even so, Heather is usually available at least over the telephone if there is a problem with communication.  We employ 5 local people.  Encarni usually works in the shop in the centre of the village, while in the shop on the ringroad, Juani works all day, usually supplemented by Heather.  The deliveries are usually managed between Javi and Mila, and Alberto does a lot of bossing, a little bit of everything and the paperwork.